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Locatory.com helps aircraft part suppliers to increase visibility in Google

2020-09-09 / < 1 min

Locatory.com, an aircraft parts marketplace, offers public catalog feature that assists in expanding reachability of potential aircraft part buyers online. It was introduced as an alternative sales and marketing channel enabling to reach external, non
Locatory.com marketplace members.

The public catalog is an online sales tool optimized for search engines. It acts as a website, which attracts external buyers, non-Locatory.com marketplace members, generates requests for quotations (RFQs) and has capabilities to embed professionally designed aircraft parts lists’ into native client’s website. Public catalogs do not require any technical or design skills to start using.

86% of Locatory.com’s users’ list spare parts on their public catalogs, clientele now include Triangle Aviation, MRO Aerospace, and many other companies. Clients claim that this additional platform component converts into positive results, such as higher visibility, more reach and increased RFQ’s.

“Public catalogs, while being optimized for search engines (SEO), help to break away from the competitors. It means that when someone “googles” for a part number from spare part sellers, which place that product on their public catalogs, these get higher ranks from search engines and often appears on a higher position on the search results page. This improved online presence enables not only to increase visibility, but also gain quality backlinks to our clients’ native pages, which also makes a positive impact on its ranking, and consequently, increase traffic. Thus, one service addition allows solving several online presence reachability related issues at a time,” comments Dainius Meilunas, CEO of Locatory.com.

Public catalogs are only one of the additional features, which are offered within the Locatory.com platform. To provide more integrated purchase process provision, Locatory.com has recently introduced another novelty – online aircraft parts shipping services. Partnering with DHL, the spare parts procurement transportation process became more convenient as includes quotation, order and tracking activities.

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