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Meet your business match now, close your sales deals within the minutes

2020-07-17 / 2 min

Hiring professional and experienced international team to support your sales worldwide can be costly. Also, training new staff and obtaining the appropriate contacts and market knowledge can be a time and resource consuming process. We help companies to extend their reach worldwide by providing expert sales outsourcing services.

An efficient and effective alternative

If you take a close look at the reason why your business isn’t growing as much as you’d like, you’ll likely find that sales is the missing ingredient. Locatory Distributors is an outsourcing service, that lets you hire a sales team that can help grow your business. It is an efficient and effective alternative. 

Accelerate your business growth

You can, not only take an advantage of numerous Locatory.com marketplace tools, but also over eight years of sales experience in aircraft parts aftermarket.

Locatory.com is regularly visited over 80 000 times a month for searches of spare aircraft parts, by airlines, MROs, repair shops, manufacturers, brokers and other aviation companies. Our experienced international sales team has extensive experience worldwide: USA, Europe, Asia, Russia & CIS, South America and Africa. At Locatory.com we know the corporate culture and background of the various prospects and have an extensive network of personal contacts.

With the market getting more and more competitive, sales outsourcing can be a proven success for your business. 

Here is how Locatory Distributor can benefit your business

Support and expertise: Locatory Distributors can evaluate and consult regarding the pricing that can help leverage the sales potential and stay competitive.

Expanded customer reach:  Locatory Distributor team can help to connect business across borders. The international sales team is fluent in Russian, Spanish, Turkish and English languages. That can help your company target the new markets.

Lead generation:  outsourced Locatory Distributor team can help strengthen operational and business results, by raising interest in your stock and taking the advantage of Locatory.com marketplace marketing tools. That means, getting the RFQs and purchased orders directly to you.

Accountability:  monthly sales reports and progress assessment provided by Locatory distributors. 

Locatory.com market place: you can take an advantage of over 8.2 billion aircraft parts search on the Locatory.com market place for commercial and military aviation.

Logistics: Locatory Distributor team can offer competitive shipping rates.

Benefits of Locatory Distributor

Correct sales outsourcing can prove to be a wise decision for any company. Because it’s all about the trust investment, sales are one of the leading supporting pillars for every business.

Outsourcing Locatory Distributor team brings in a different level of flexibility which can bring cost-cutting benefits to a company without compromising the sales factor. An external team is better positioned to work cross-functionally to improve the overall sales execution.

It can be concluded, that a sharply focused sales function is the backbone of revenue generation for any business.

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