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New service for aircraft spare parts sellers – Locatory Distributor, an aviation IT company primarily acting as an aircraft parts locator, a part of Avia Solutions Group, offering the most innovative tools for aircraft parts procurement and exploration via a broad aviation marketplace, announced a launch of a new service for spare parts stock sellers – Locatory Distributor.

Locatory Distributor service was crafted according to the needs of various clients. The company spent over a year developing a concept on how to fill the absence of such service in the market. “There are many small companies that have aviation parts stock but no staff to sell it. Or, there are big aviation companies that have spare parts stock and would like to increase their profit. Either way, comes in with a service that creates value to both and becomes like a bridge to different markets and between the seller and the buyer,” says Dainius Meilunas, CEO at

By ordering this service, companies get an outsourced sales manager for aircraft spare parts distribution and inventory management. sales managers can help companies that have stock to find clients by using Locatory’s marketplace where aviation companies are daily searching for aircraft parts. Besides that, the responsible manager will have a great expertise in the field and will speak the language, needed for the region. The company can delegate managers that speak fluent English, Arabic, Spanish, and many other languages.

Further on, with a wide network of clients from MRO, airlines and similar businesses in the industry, international sales team can help to sell spare parts stock in Asia, the Americas, Europe, Russia & CIS, and Africa.

“Our new service will be interesting for the companies because we are responsible for everything. From human resources to sales processes – the only thing for our client will be to wait for the results. Therefore, they will eliminate the costs of in-house personnel that has to be paid and trained. We shall give the full package with a skillful and very experienced professional that has been working in the sales of spare parts aftermarket at least for 8 years. Besides the manager, the company will receive all the tools, including the website that is being visited by MRO, airlines, Repair shops, and other market players at least 80 thousand times per month”, adds the CEO of “We have the know-how of spare parts industry that others don’t. And with this service we get closer to our clients and fit their needs. Moreover, this is a time saving service that will benefit the client, which needs to distribute its goods in a fastest manner possible“.

The companies that will choose Locatory Distributor will receive many of the following benefits. First, sales managers will evaluate the stock if needed and consult regarding pricing to help leverage sales potential. Besides that, the assigned managers will raise interest in aircraft parts stock by taking advantage of marketplace tools, get RFQs and send purchase orders directly to clients. No doubt, every client shall receive monthly reports and all the relevant data on sales processes. The progress assessment will help clients identify what is working within sales process and keep things on track. And, of course, the representatives can arrange shipping with up to 55% lower rates compared to the standard rates on the market. is a leading IT solutions provider in aviation industry. Going hand in hand with the growth of technology, the company continuously searches for innovative and time saving solutions for every client. It provides with custom IT solutions, have created artificial intelligence-based tool for aircraft parts procurement and logistics manager (Amber) and aviation processes and resources management and planning solution (SensusMRO). Besides that, introduced a very specific shipping service that connects the biggest players in shipping market to minimize the time for delivery for spare parts from manufacturer to the final user.

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