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Serious Topic: Parts Replacements

Aircraft replacement parts are a crucial component of continued aircraft cycle. Even the smallest replacement part can ground an airplane. However, it’s the little things that can make all the difference in the installation of new equipment.

One of the biggest questions many aircraft owners face is: How do I know the parts I am flying behind are approved and not some knock-off?

The FAA has a term for aircraft material that does not meet the standards for installation, and return to service — suspected unapproved parts (SUPs). Just because a bolt fits does not necessarily mean you are good to go. Approved aircraft parts must conform to strict guidelines.

The aircraft parts aftermarket is massive and will only continue to grow. This growth creates both opportunities and challenges for owners, operators, and maintenance professionals when it comes time to procure parts.

Thousands of companies advertise themselves as aircraft parts distributors. This list does not include the undocumented dealers, private sellers.

The best defense you can have against the threat of a SUP is to buy consistently from trusted suppliers.

How can aircraft parts distributors protect themselves against counterfeit goods?

  • Maximize availability of authentic products.
  • Procure products from reliable sources, assuring authenticity and conformance.
  • Control products possibly identified as suspect.
  • Report products to other potential users and government authorities.

What offers Marketplace?

  • Quality suppliers data base including manufacturers, distributors, real stock suppliers.
  • Powerful complex of search tools and options, easy and quick to use. Instant RFQs sending possibilities and contacts visibility.
  • Variety of suppliers offering parts gives the possibility to choose the best price and delivery time match.
  • To make even more exact search you can always use the option to select exact PN condition and Supplier location country.

What advice can to offer when purchasing aircraft parts?

  • Do business with an accredited supplier operating within an aviation standard.
  • Use the tools provided by Marketplace.
  • Listen to that inner voice of reason that asks, “Why is this actuator $500 while all the others I have seen are $5,000?”
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