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Digital Operating System to Transform the MRO Sphere

2020-09-09 / 3 min

In the fast-paced industry of aviation MRO, processes that increase job completion speeds, efficiency, or, even more notably, turn around times (TATs) are of the utmost importance. The aviation industry is full of regulations and any MRO service requires a vast number of certifications, signatures, and approvals. Digitalizing the massive amount of data that accompanies

New service for aircraft spare parts sellers – Locatory Distributor

2020-09-09 / 3 min

Locatory.com, an aviation IT company primarily acting as an aircraft parts locator, a part of Avia Solutions Group, offering the most innovative tools for aircraft parts procurement and exploration via a broad aviation marketplace, announced a launch of a new service for spare parts stock sellers – Locatory Distributor. Locatory Distributor service was crafted according to the

TOP 15: Best traded aircraft spare parts of 2018

2020-09-09 / 4 min

Every day we see the aircraft flying, making thousands of flight hours and transferring millions of passengers worldwide. However, despite seeing all of them in the sky, there are hundreds of aircraft on the ground, having routine checks or special maintenance projects. Due to extremely strict safety and airworthiness regulations, all of the aviation companies

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