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Updated Amber A.I. understands Russian and expands platform support continues to perfect its newest artificial intelligence assistant Amber A.I. Due to a newly introduced extension the service is now available for Mozilla Thunderbird users. Moreover, the application boasts a package of the latest updates such as attachment and Cyrillic alphabet support.

Following the latest introductions, the system plugin can be integrated with the relevant Mozilla Thunderbird client by following a simple setup process. It functions the same way it does on Microsoft Outlook: you log onto, receive an e-mail containing part numbers, click on the Process button and instantly receive the availability report in a new email client tab. Afterwards, sending multiple RFQs to vendors of your choice is just another click away.

“As a default email and chat client Mozilla Thunderbird is widely used all over the world. The number of Mozilla Thunderbird desktop opens increased by 600% in 2013 alone, so no wonder it is listed in the top 10 of the most popular e-mail clients,” says Zilvinas Sadauskas, the CEO of “This is why the team has decided to integrate the power of Amber A.I. within this software. We are confident that this will contribute to our goal of creating a more efficient and transparent aftermarket for the aviation industry.”

In addition to all the classic Amber A.I. tools, the extension features a pack of the latest updates for extra convenience

In addition to all the classic Amber A.I. tools, the extension features a pack of the latest updates for extra convenience. Now Amber A.I. can process any format of files attached to e-mails without the need to open them. This allows to process relevant information through marketplace by simply forwarding the attachment to Amber A.I.

The new function supports such widely-used formats as Microsoft Office document, OpenDocument, Portable Document, Electronic Publication, Rich Text, Compression and packaging, Text, as well as Feed and Syndication.

“Moreover, considering the overall market size and the development rates of the aviation industry in Russia and the CIS, Amber A.I. has been enhanced to understand not only part numbers written in Latin, but also the ones written in Cyrillic, with an added option to convert them into Latin. As a result, Amber A.I. is now even better at saving your time because you no longer need to spend hours encoding and converting the relevant data as the system can processes the numbers in both alphabets!” shares his excitement the CEO of

The new features are also available for Amber A.I. users on all the previously supported platforms worldwide.

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