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Updated Locatory.com Marketplace is Live

2022-04-15 / 2 min

We are setting out on a new and important journey for our company. To portray this exciting new road ahead, we have decided to rebrand Locatory.com Marketplace design. And we did so to represent ourselves more closely going forward.

This update has been a long time coming. Now, our new Marketplace features responsive, minimalistic design and friendly color scheme. Redesigned with our users in mind to make an easy, seamless experience.

So, What’s New? After some in-depth research, market analysis, and talking with some of our customers, we felt the rebranding of Locatory.com Marketplace will enable us to expand upon our services, accomplish global growth objectives, and to foster and develop new customer relationships. This puts us in the position to be more competitive and proactive.

This isn’t just a new look for us as a company. It is also a way for a new path forwards our identity. Locatory.com Marketplace has evolved and continues to develop to a collaborative customer experience platform that’s easy-to-use.

Why Focus on Customer Experience? Short answer: in today’s world, the customer experience it is one of the main competitive advantage a business has. The best part about focusing on customer experience is that it’s an evergreen strategy. It works now and will work in the future. Finally, the customer experience grows the brand and reputation.

In Other Words. We know that this is a positive change for our company and will open many new possibilities! The update represents a leap forward for the company to align the brand with the new vision of being more than Marketplace for spare parts and repair capabilities and more of a community for aviation industry. Additionally, the Locatory.com will align with the user-friendliness and accessibility of the platform, as well as transmit the closeness of the customer support the company offers.

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