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Locatory.com and Job Air Technic Announce Strategic Partnership

2024-02-26 / 3 min

Locatory.com, the aerospace industry’s online marketplace and a one-stop-shop for all aviation-related needs, is celebrating the ongoing partnership with Job Air Technic, a leading name in aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) landscape. This collaboration takes our experienced companies to new heights, unlocking greater value and efficiency for customers across the sector.

Both Locatory.com and Job Air Technic share a passion for innovation and streamlining processes within the aviation industry. This partnership merges Locatory.com’s expansive online platform, with its ever-growing community of aviation enthusiast with the expertise of Job Air Technic, which is offering a comprehensive suite of technical services, ensuring aircraft fly safely and efficiently.

The partnership of Locatory.com‘s dynamic marketplace and Job Air Technic’s extensive technical expertise offers a plethora of benefits for our companies, as well, as for the broader aviation sector and industry stakeholders. Streamlined workflows and procurement processes channels translate into faster turnaround times and reduced operational costs, empowering stakeholders to navigate the aviation landscape with newfound agility and precision.

Job Air Technic is a European leading provider of maintenance and repair services for commercial airlines and lessors, located at Ostrava International airport in Czech Republic. At the heart of Job Air Technic’s operations lies its status as an EASA/FAA Part 145 approved maintenance organization and an EASA Part 147 approved training organization. This dual accreditation emphasizes the company’s commitment to quality and compliance, ensuring that every aspect of its operations meets the highest industry standards. With maintenance facilities equipped with eight bays dedicated to servicing Boeing and Airbus aircraft, Job Air Technic offers a seamless and comprehensive solution for its clients.

“We are extremely happy to have Job Air Technic as a much-appreciated member of Locatory.com’s business partners family. We are confident that our collaboration will continue to bring unparalleled value to the whole ecosystem, as having Job Air Technic onboard clearly benefits our clients and the entire MRO industry. Engaging with a reputable industry leader such as Job Air Technics is always a privilege. Our smooth and constructive partnership is yet another strong indicator of our alignment with industry needs and our commitment to staying at the forefront of developments within the sector. “ – says Toma Matutytė, CEO of Locatory.com.

Current Job Air Technic’s capabilities extend far beyond routine maintenance. The company operates component shops, providing vital support for aircraft systems and ensuring optimal performance and safety. Additionally, with its innovative GO TEAM approach, Job Air Technic offers rapid response teams capable of deploying worldwide to address critical maintenance issues and minimize aircraft downtime.

By offering comprehensive oversight of aircraft airworthiness and providing top-tier training programs for aviation professionals, Job Air Technic ensures that its clients receive the highest level of service and support throughout the lifecycle of their aircraft. Moreover, Job Air Technic goes above and beyond traditional MRO services, offering ancillary services such as parking, painting, and more.

With Locatory.com’s expansive online platform serving as the conduit for this collaboration, customers stand to benefit from a seamless integration of services and expertise. Vladimír Stulančák, CEO Job Air Technic a.s. elaborates on that further: “As a CEO, I am delighted with our partnership with Locatory. Their services have provided us with key tools for efficient inventory and supply chain management. Thanks to their innovative approach and reliable support, we have achieved good results in tracking and optimizing our stock, contributing to our competitiveness and long-term success. We are glad to be able to collaborate with such a professional team as Locatory.”

As the partnership between Locatory.com and Job Air Technic takes flight, the future of aviation shines brighter than ever before. Together, these industry leaders are poised to revolutionize the way aircraft maintenance and repair services are delivered, ushering in a new era of innovation and efficiency.

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