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Locatory.com and Pentagon 2000SQL™ Deploy Advanced Web Services Integration

2020-09-09 / 2 min

Aviation IT company Locatory.com has deployed a new integration for its marketplace solution with Pentagon 2000SQL™. The partnership is in its third year and integrates the most important Locatory.com marketplace solutions with the Pentagon 2000SQL™ system. This integration brings tangible benefits for all Pentagon and Locatory.com users. Companies in the aviation industry have an opportunity to utilize both tools to support their daily workflow. Shorter procurement cycle time and increased efficiency of business processes are key benefits available to users of both systems through this partnership.

“Our customers realize that we all operate in an increasingly connected industry, and a direct interface to the Locatory.com services provides value that helps to increase revenue opportunities as well as lower overall operating costs. The Locatory.com technology platform has been very robust and reliable for us from an integration perspective, and the support team is very responsive and knowledgeable whenever assistance is required” said Gabriel Mofaz, President of Pentagon 2000 Software.

PENTAGON 2000’s total software solution is always improving. Development is guided by the operational requirements and best practices of their customers, who rank among the leading companies in their industry.

 “We have been collaborating with Pentagon 2000SQL™ for three years and we are very selective about our choice of partners.  Pentagon 2000 Software has more than 30 years of experience in business and serves leading aviation companies such as OEM’S, global operators, repair stations, and distributors. We are an IT company that works with optimization and development of internal processes of client companies. Locatory.com looks forward to implementing advanced supply chain solutions with businesses that utilize the Pentagon 2000SQL™ solutions on daily basis”, comments Dainius Meilunas, CEO at Locatory.com.

Locatory.com seeks to provide the best quality IT services for aviation industry by creating and developing its marketplace and a growing range of smart tools. More convenient and integrated solutions are the way to be innovative and flexible about customer’s needs. 

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