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Speaking to the computer will no longer mean that you have suddenly gone crazy because of all the stress at work – you might just be in search for a spare part for your AOG-ed aircraft! has once again justified its name as one of the most innovative companies in the region. This time it has implemented a unique Voice Search function on its e-procurement platform. has become the first aircraft parts marketplace in the world to integrate such a solution.

Remember that feeling of excitement when someone in any of the numerous Sci-Fi movies like Star Trek or Star Wars demonstrates the ability to control some device or even the whole spaceship solely by using his voice? Well, it seems that the future we could have only imagined just a while ago is already here. Voice control has moved from mobile devices into such specific areas of life as aviation, as the has once again proven to have one of the most innovative programming teams in the industry by introducing the Voice Search function onto their platform.

“The decision to integrate a function which is uncommon in the industry was based on many factors of usability. We are always seeking to considerably simplify aircraft parts search procedures and the new voice search system is designed to do exactly that. Firstly, thanks to the Voice Search, will be instantly more user friendly for those clients whose vision is partially impaired. Moreover, those clients who lack efficient typing skills and are not technologically savvy have been taken into consideration as well, as speed is often a crucial factor, when you are in need of spare parts. Thus, it is only the first step in adapting the platform for conducting all the tasks using voice only,” commented Zilvinas Sadauskas, the CEO of

We are always seeking to considerably simplify aircraft parts search procedures and the new voice search system is designed to do exactly that

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the introduction of the Voice Search function exceeds the facilitated usability advantage. For example, by dictating the numbers of the spare parts the native speakers of the globally used platform will have the opportunity to combine business matters and learning, as they will be naturally forced to practice and improve their English pronunciation, thus developing their language skills, which are of immense importance in the global industry.

“In addition, we wanted to acknowledge the highly talented and beautiful representatives of the aviation industry – our female colleagues. There are lots of beautiful women in aviation, and we don’t want them to be hurting their much treasured manicure as much as they don’t want their aircraft to suffer from an AOG. So from now on all that the ladies need to worry about is their aircraft, but has already proven to be able to easily solve that problem as well, so as you see, with the industry becomes a better place to work in,” jokes Zilvinas Sadauskas, the CEO of

The function is currently available only for users of Google Chrome, which enjoys a 39% worldwide usage share of web browsers, making it the most widely used web browser in the world. The Voice Search is an experimental function of

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