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Locatory.com Marketplace Partners with ERP.Aero

2023-02-14 / < 1 min

In today’s world, collaboration between businesses is becoming more and more prevalent as organizations look for ways to increase efficiency and drive better results. One example of successful integration is the partnership between Locatory.com and ERP.Aero.

This new integration automates inventory listing and updates, allowing customers to receive RFQs directly into their ERP.Aero’s RFQ Module. By streamlining the process of uploading inventory to the Locatory.com Marketplace platform, this integration enables suppliers to shift their focus to more strategic tasks, freeing up valuable time and resources.

ERP.Aero and Locatory.com Marketplace are a great match. With Locatory.com, we’re excited to grow together as a professional and experienced team.” Slava Zadorognuk, Vice President of Business Development

Additionally, the ERP.Aero integrations allows suppliers to better manage their inventory, ensuring adequate parts availability and efficient sales.

“Our customers benefit from this integration in three primary ways. Firstly, we improve the efficiency of the quoting process. Secondly, automatic updating and listing of inventory. Finally, searching within their ERP systems for repair capabilities and availability.” Anton Andrusenko, Product owner at Locatory.com

About ERP.aero

ERP.Aero is a cloud platform specially designed to provide aerospace manufacturers, suppliers, and MRO organizations with integrated ERP/CRM software to manage the purchase, lease, exchange, repair, and sale of aircraft parts.

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