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This October, the online aircraft spare parts and repair capabilities marketplace has announced hitting record highs and increasing the company’s sales by 20%. Moreover, the company has managed to achieve such results with half the sales force of 2016.

Having analyzed its quarterly results, management team concluded that the last trimester has been the best-selling quarter in the entire company’s history. The unprecedented growth was largely driven by the introduction of a renewed pricing strategy, more flexible payment solutions and highly optimized in-house processes. This allowed the company to significantly raise its operational efficiency and reduce the need for extensive human resources.

“Seeking to deliver the best value to our customers, we decided to introduce a completely fresh pricing strategy which would appeal to each and every one of our clients. How is that possible? Only by presenting every client with a tailor-made pricelist to suit the particular needs. The introduction of such additional services as shipment has also allowed us to further reduce prices, thus making as even more competitive in today’s market,” commented the CEO of Dainius Meilunas.

In addition to the aforementioned business optimization processes, during the year has presented the market with a wide range of new online tools and products thus securing the company several large-scale projects and a 15% increase in customer base. According to management team, consolidation trends in Asia also played an important role in boosting the company’s performance. As several long-standing clients of in the region decided to join forces, this has opened additional possibilities to increase the scope of orders and thus further reduce prices.

“In our relatively short history, we have come a long way in terms of developing a unique aviation market know-how which enables us to offer the right products to the right customers. We are highly focused on developing IT and AI solutions tailored to the specific needs of each and every client. And although this accounting period has so far been the best in terms of both increasing sales and extending our customer list, this growth is mostly organic. Therefore, I am confident it will remain substantial and sustainable in the following years,” commented the CEO of Dainius Meilunas.

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