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Locatory.com Shipping Services Receive Praise from Clients Worldwide

2020-09-09 / 3 min
Locatory.com partners with Unical Aviation

In less than 7 years since its launch, from an ambitious IT start-up Locatory.com has evolved into the No. 1 aircraft parts marketplace in the Eastern hemisphere and one of the three largest premium aircraft parts locator companies in the world. In its early days the company provided aircraft parts locating services only; however, since then it has introduced numerous highly successful logistics and procurement solutions, including the latest addition – integrated global shipping services. 

Locatory.com is constantly expanding the list of innovative solutions provided to a growing number of MROs, repair shops, parts suppliers, and airlines. The latest addition to the list of user-friendly and reliable services – secure payment and global shipping – have proven exceptionally appreciated by the company’s clients, especially those who are shipping parts to remote locations across the globe.

Savings can add to thousands of dollars per order

“We have received volumes of positive feedback with regard to new global shipping services provided as an integrated part of comprehensive supply chain solutions on our platform. Most of Locatory.com clients praise the simplicity of use, speedy service and more than reasonable prices for first-class shipping solutions,” shared the CEO of Locatory.com Dainius Meilunas.

According to D. Meilunas, whilst many competitors try to tempt clients by offering low-priced parts, once the shipping costs are added, these seemingly cheap deals often turn into very costly transactions. Meanwhile, Locatory.com provides cost-effective, built in shipping services, which can be used without leaving the marketplace. Not only does it allow clients to see the final cost of parts, but also saves valuable time otherwise consumed by such tasks as locating the right logistics partner, placing multiple orders, etc. “And let’s not forget the actual savings in case of an AOG when every hour spent waiting for the right part can cost tens of thousands of dollars,” added the executive.

Client testimonials

The No. 1 aircraft parts marketplace Locatory.com prides itself on the effort it pays towards analyzing customer business processes and developing innovative solutions comprising standard procedures and services in the marketplace. These efforts do not go unnoticed by an increasing number of aviation market players. According to Egor Berger,  the CEO of the long-standing Locatory.com client AVIASPARES LTD The Russian Trading Company, when it comes to shipping services, Locatory.com team provides excellent and effective customer support right from the initial price offering all the way through to parcel delivery.  Other clients have also provided exceptionally positive feedback in terms of cost-effective and highly efficient shipping solutions. Here are some of them:

“Once again I was happy about the shipping service and price I got on Locatory.com when I was shipping the Cargo from Indonesia (Jakarta) to South Africa (Johannesburg). I could not get the reasonable quote and terms from my previously reliable shipping brokers. Luckily, Locatory.com was eager to help and communicated all the way through the shipping time,” – commented Jimmy Mahlangu, Director of Inala Aviation Projects.

“Locatory.com helps with all my shipping needs. No matter if it is a heavy load, a hazardous material or a small parcel, I am always confident that Locatory.com agents will deal with it in the most professional manner. Quick response, cheap prices, very satisfied!” said Ousmane Ndiaye from the FOREIGN ASSET TRADE INC.

The winning recipe

Every feature on the No. 1 aircraft parts marketplace Locatory.com platform is introduced based on the extensive market know-how and experience granted to the company by its sister enterprises of Avia Solutions Group, a WSE-listed group of company’s comprising MRO, aircraft financing, parts and components supply services, aviation training and other aviation industry solutions’ providers with offices in the USA, the UK, Poland, Serbia, Estonia, Russia, Thailand and Indonesia.

“We have the first-hand knowledge of all challenges and issues faced by various parties engaged in diverse activities within the aviation industry. This allows us to develop innovative solutions which address the most common problems encountered by the majority of market players for years. Our integrated shipping services is a great example of how we approach the development of Locatory.com service portfolio – by focusing on the existing area for improvement and introducing an IT tool which can save time, money and human resources,” concluded D. Meilunas.

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