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Now you can have patented virtual assistant Amber A. I. from patented one of the most popular tools of their marketplace – Amber A. I. artificial intelligence based assistant for aircraft parts procurement and logistics. From now on representatives of aviation business could buy this tool separately from the marketplace where it was included from the establishment.  

Randy Dean, chief business officer at Sentient Technologies, once said that everything invented in the past 150 years will be reinvented using AI within the next 15 years. He was right looking from perspective as Amber A. I. was created. It speeds procurement process up to 10 times and saves working hours of employees.

“Due to the number of positive testimonials and queries for Amber A. I. as an individual tool, we decided to separate our virtual assistant” – Dainius Meilunas, CEO of

Amber A. I. is a virtual assistant which is helping managers with aircraft spare parts procurement and logistics. It optimizes business processes by recognizing PNs, quantities, and conditions, locating spare parts on marketplace and delivering RFQs on your behalf automatically. It understands part numbers written in Latin and Cyrillic, almost any type of attachment and works on mobile devices smoothly.  

Alex Khutsishvili, Logistics Manager at Aerovista, after using marketplace for 3 months distinguished Amber A. I. as a tool which brought a high level of usage. “Anytime, any device, any attempt, just drop your requirement on this smart tool, and you will be wondered of its quickest action”, said A. Khutsishvili.

“Due to the number of positive testimonials and queries for Amber A. I. as an individual tool, we decided to separate our virtual assistant for meeting our customers’ needs better. We are considering and adjusting our services constantly to help our clients reach their goals”, comments Dainius Meilunas, CEO of

Solution to sell Amber A. I. as an individual tool was made for those participants of aviation industry who spends a lot of time by searching aircraft spare parts to procure. Amber A. I. could save managers’ of procurement and logistics time by giving a list of requested parts from the entire world just in 15-20 sec. Furthermore, the workplace of manager is not important as long as the mobile device is carried. Considering the demand of a customer there is an advanced proposition to buy virtual assistant Amber A. I. separately. The price of the tool is adapted accordingly. 

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