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Reliability is one of the key factors in the aviation industry

2020-09-09 / 2 min
Locatory.com partners with Unical Aviation

At the times of the economic boom airlines celebrated the abundance of passengers without paying due attention to assessing potential risks. Nowadays the industry is increasingly embracing globalization processes and, according to Locatory.com, reliability is becoming one of the key factors in the aviation sector for both partners and clients. After all, airlines wish to secure not only the maximum flight safety but also a reasonable financial gain. In order to ensure that, they must have an extensive and well developed network of trustworthy partnerships.

‘We have always had a very strict policy regarding the quality of our services. We are adamant that our suppliers provide only the lists of airplane parts that they are in real possession of. The only exceptions are manufacturers and official distributors, if and only if they can provide reasonable proof of being able to produce/obtain the listed aircraft parts in an established period of time. One of our key missions is to promote responsible business. That is why we choose to cooperate with reliable clients only. This, to my belief, grants us a strong differential advantage compared to other aircraft parts platforms,’ commented the CEO of Locatory.com Zilvinas Sadauskas.

We have always had a very strict policy regarding the quality of our services

According to Z. Sadauskas, the aircraft parts platform Locatory.com is designed to serve reliable and safe aviation companies looking for trustworthy partners only. The platform experts are interested in all potential clients; however, they perform extensive research and analysis of each and every one of them. If they fail to collect a sufficient amount of data needed to weigh all the reliability factors, a client is asked to produce relevant recommendations. In order to guarantee maximum service quality and prevent wasting the time of its clients, Locatory.com rejects unreliable suppliers and resellers that may fail to bring financial benefit and added value to buyers.

‘Our clients used to waste valuable resources on using other aircraft parts platforms simply because they were swamped with countless queries from brokers or had to place tons of these to questionable suppliers themselves. Every businessman must be fully aware of the quality of his partners and clients’ portfolios. Raising effectiveness is the key objective for companies working within the aircraft spare parts sector – not unlike for banks and credit institutions aiming to ensure proper credit management as opposed to increasing the number of credits issued,’ explained the Locatory.com Chief Commercial Officer Vytautas Vorobjovas.

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