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Star Wars Fans, Fasten Your Seatbelts for an Exciting Flight

Star Wars themed airplanes have become an increasingly popular way for airline passengers to express their affinity for the space opera franchise. Arguably one of the most iconic entertainment properties of all time, Star Wars holds a special place in the hearts and minds of so many people around the world, and this has been especially evident in the airline industry.

In 2015, Air New Zealand released a modified Boeing 777 emblazoned with a mural depicting the First Order of the Galactic Empire and a Star Wars-themed safety video. The plane was aptly christened the “Star Wars Airlines” — a fitting title as the craft evoked comparisons to the famed intergalactic vessels of the beloved series.

The exterior of the plane featured the image of the galaxy-spanning warships of the First Order, made famous in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which had recently premiered in theaters. The colors and detailing of the design were chosen to reflect the fictional vehicle, taking inspiration from the main body of the First Order’s vessels. In addition, “Star Wars” was written across the top of the plane’s wings, giving the plane an extra dose of fandom branding.

Interior-wise, the plane was outfitted with special Star Wars-themed logos, artwork, and colors. The airline’s iconic red seats were decorated with custom Star Wars fabric, and the overhead bins were adorned with the airships of the First Order. The plane also featured an onboard library that contained books, games, and merchandise related to the beloved space-faring franchise. The interior design of the plane harkened back to the aura and atmosphere of the Star Wars films, aiming to bring a bit of intergalactic ambiance to the flying experience.

In a further attempt to make the plane more immersive, the airline invited various celebrities from the films to take part in the inaugural flight. Star cast members from the latest Star Wars films, including Lupita Nyong’o and Mark Hamill, were among those who attended the special launch event. Once onboard, passengers were treated to interactive elements, such as on-board trivia and competitions, a Jedi training session, light saber-wielding lessons, and a dramatic fanfare to mark the airplane’s official take-off.

In short, the Star Wars Airlines concept encapsulates the ultimate fan experience when it comes to plane travel. From the eclectically designed exterior to the specially tailored onboard experiences, the plane serves as an effective tribute to the world-renowned franchise, and it appeals to diehard and casual fans alike.

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